CNN Contributor Dr. Steve Perry born and reared in the housing projects of Middletown, Connecticut,  lives each day to breed and breathe change into the black community. The son of a Caucasian teenage mother, and an African American teenage father, the journey to be the change began early on.

While Steve Perry’s mother was organizing and chairing tenant association meetings and working towards creating a more livable and equitable set of circumstances for the residents consisting of mostly single mothers, at a young age, Steve made the decision to Say No to the drugs permeating his community.
Believing life is not determined by where you begin, but by the path chosen and where you end, Steve Perry adhered to the qualities exemplified by his mother as a leader and go-getter, as well as the disciplinary values offered to him by both his mother and aunt.

His mother set the stage for the book, “Man Up! Nobody’s Coming to Save Us,” in that she not only loved her son, but reared her son to be responsible and accountable for his actions, as she insisted on commitment from commencement to completion of his educational and sports related obligations, to include the game of football. As a result of such, Dr. Perry went on to accomplish extra ordinary feats; the same feat he knows within his soul is inevitable for those who utilize any and all resources of support from family, friends, community organizations and the educational system.
He is the founder and serves as the Principal of, Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford, Connecticut. In its six years of noteworthy existence, Capital Preparatory Magnet School has maintained a 100% college acceptance record and is deemed one of the most successful schools in and arguably, throughout the nation.

Dr. Perry is the CNN Education Contributor and Essence Best Selling author, with his book “Man Up! Nobody is Coming to Save Us”. He is a nationally sought after speaker appearing on over 200 radio and television stations in the past three years. He has also been a regular contributor on issues of education for CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. Dr. Perry is also on a national college tour where he discusses issues ranging from personal responsibility to educational reform.

Dr. Perry has release his fourth book “Raggedy Schools The Untold Truth” a highly look at urban public education.
Education in America
Dr. Steve Perry founder and principal of Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford, Connecticut
Personal Responsibility
Dr. Steve Perry is a strong advocate of personal responsibility in all aspects of life and his messages are geared to build character.
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