Keith L. Brown

  • "Mr. I'm Possible" Youth Motivator 

  • "At Risk" to taking "Risks" Top Speaker  

  • Best-Selling Author


Early in life, Keith L. Brown knew the mentality of “I’M POSSIBLE”, instead of impossible, would take him far! Keith transformed himself from “Special Ed” to specialty speaker, and “At Risk” to taking risks becoming “Mr. I’M POSSIBLE,”.  

Later in life ironically, these same traits made MR. I’M POSSIBLE a hit on legendary shows like “Showtime at the Apollo,” “Family Feud,” and a consultant on Real Life television series, “Beyond Scared Straight,” on A&E. 

MR. I’M POSSIBLE is one of the most sought after Professional Empowerment Speakers and Change Agents of our time.  He has been touted as the "Motivator of the Millennium," in featured national publications such as the LA Times, Chicago Sun-Times, and New York Newsday.  MR. I’M POSSIBLE empowers hundreds of thousands of people into turning impossibilities into “I’M POSSIBILITIES” for all who witnesses and hear his life-changing messages.


The I’M POSSIBLE training touches audience worldwide, primarily in Colleges, Secondary Schools and Educational Systems, and environments of Supplemental Education Agencies, Family Advocacy Agencies, Government Agencies, Faith-Based Institutions, Corporate America and the Private Sector. 




  • Professional Empowerment Speakers

  • Change Agent Consultant

  • Education Speaker and Consultant 

  • Youth Speaker  


Colleges and Universities Campuses 
Children's Organizations and Groups 
Public and Private School Systems
State, Local and National Agencies
Grassroot organizations 

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