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Dr. Marco Clark is a well-respected educator, innovator, author, public speaker, and veteran in the world of urban education.

Currently serving as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Richard Wright Schools in Washington, D.C. In addition to his work as Founder and CEO, he is Chairman of “Man the Block”, an organization focused on providing a safe passage for students to and from school for a chance of obtaining educational excellence.

Touted by news and media as America's Toughest Principal, and the Turnaround School Specialist, Clark has developed a unique approach to reaching our school administrators, parents, and youths. He discusses social issues, graduation goals, and behavior pitfalls.  After meeting with former President Barack Obama, Clark continued his journey of focusing strongly on youth achievement within disadvantaged communities and in 2019 built a brand new RWPCS worth 2 million dollars. 

Clark continues to motivate and inspire the next "Spike Lee, and more in his school-halls and on the stage! 


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AMERICA'S Toughest Public Lecturer 

shares with the Charter Conversations community his philosophy on successful parenting and how to effectively engage students. Watch here

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AMERICA'S Toughest Public Lecturer 

unique motivational methods have been proven effective at the highest levels of success in social justice awareness and education. Touching the lives of parents, students, top entertainers, and athletes, Clark shows no signs of slowing down. Book your next event today, at 860.245.9205

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AMERICA'S Toughest Public Lecturer dynamite Commencement Speech at Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School, WATCH NOW

 "Graduation is not the end"

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