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It starts with the belief that those who can do better, should.


Dr. Steve Perry’s career is framed by the belief that each of us has something to contribute to society. Formed while attending public housing tenants’ association meetings with his mother, Perry’s commitment “to do better”, became the force that drove him. Starting in high school as a volunteer for Reverend Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign then graduating from the Ivy League, and returning to his hometown of Middletown, CT to run the homeless shelter, Dr. Perry has sought opportunities to do better.

No experience more precisely applied his belief of “those who can do better, should”, than starting schools. Perry began the Capital Preparatory Schools journey in Hartford, CT in 2005. They expanded to an elementary school in Hartford in 2008, Bridgeport, CT in 2015, Harlem in 2016, another elementary school in Bridgeport in 2017, and then another 6-12 in the Bronx, NY in 2020. Serving over 2,000 primarily low-income minority first-generation collegiates, in grades pre-k to 12th grade, Capital Prep has sent 100% of its graduates to four-year colleges, every year from conception in 2005. The unparalleled success of Capital Prep Schools has made Dr.Perry an internationally renowned educational leader, speaker, bestselling author, and advocate. Parents, advocates, educators, and celebrities seek his counsel because he continues to do the work and fight for the voiceless. What started as the belief that if people can do better, they should, remains Dr. Perry’s life pursuit.



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"We have to make a change for the better if we want our kids to succeed"

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Lifelong educator, star of Hit TV Show, Save My Son, believes that every kid no matter the age, cultural background, or social standing should have a quality education.

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Keynote for the National Charter Schools Conference in Washington, D.C.

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